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Positive Energy + Camaraderie + FUN = Happy Life

Live Well, Love Life & Laugh Often

Certifications & Licensures

Personal Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

DTTAC Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach

AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer

NETA Personal Trainer

FiTOUR® Primary Personal Trainer

FiTOUR® Advanced Personal Trainer

American Red Cross CPR, First Aid & AED

Nutrition Coach

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition

NESTA Fitness Nutrition

NESTA Sports Nutrition


Group Fitness Instructor

AFAA Group Exercise

NETA Group Exercise

FiTOUR® Primary Group Exercise

FiTOUR® Boot Camp
Tabata Bootcamp™


Hip Hop Hustle®



FiTOUR® Primary Indoor Cycling

Reebok Cycling

Licensed TRX® Trainer

Les Mills Body Pump

WERQ® Dance Fitness

Enhance® Fitness


Mind & Body Instructor

SCW Ballet Barre


NETA Yoga Foundations
NETA Pilates Mat


Water Aerobics Instructor

AFAA Aqua Fitness

NETA Water Aerobics

FiTOUR® Primary Aqua

FiTOUR® Advanced Aqua


Zumba® Instructor


Zumba® Toning

Zumba® Step 

Aqua Zumba®

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Fitness Trainer, Founder

I started my fitness career in 1998 teaching kickboxing at my university recreation center. My roommate dragged me to a Step Class. Being an athlete my whole life, it definitely wasn't my thing. I was so lost! She was relentless (as us instructors can be) & told me kickboxing would be more fun & made me try again. She was right & I was hooked!! Somehow she then convinced this tomboy/athlete to become an instructor!

I went on to graduate with a degree in Education with a Concentration in Spanish and Physical Education from BGSU, but I always felt more connected to the fitness industry and longed to focus my career in health and wellness. Before joining the City of Columbia Parks and Recreation team in 2016 as the Fitness Coordinator, I was the Fitness Director for St. Andrews Parks & Playground in Charleston, SC for over 14 years.

Over the years, I've acquired over 40 certifications in a variety of formats. Since all bodies are created different, I believe there is certainly a fitness program to fit everyone whether it's a strength workout, a mind & body class or just dancing to music. You just have to find your rhythm!  


After many personal injuries throughout my years as an athlete & fitness pro, I became highly trained in injury recovery and exercise modification to make sure every client reaches their maximum potential.  


Very recently after 7 year illness, I ended up with a hysterectomy. I am gaining my strength again & fighting my way back to a healthy lifestyle. I am very excited to share my energy & years of experience to connect with you no matter where you live! 


Meditation by the Sea

Diane is a living ray of sunshine. She inspires you to be the best person you can be.


Yoga by the Sea

I needed this reconnection with Diane and ultimately myself. It has made my days brighter & gives me something to look forward to


Fit Woman with Headphones

Diane is kind and supportive and nonjudgmental so you can trust her to train you right!



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